Friday, September 01, 2006

Jesus Christ Superstar

Sometimes the Internet is just unreliable. And sometimes it acts like it has its own agendas.

Haa, a few nights ago I watched Jesus Christ Superstar with my co-workers Kolina and Victoria, and I loved it, but I was angry that they skipped the part with Barabbas, and other important parts of the Passion narrative. But this version was from the late 70's, so Judas wore flared pants (and he was BLACK), and Jesus sometimes sang in a high falsetto, and he had a reasonably good haircut (usually Jesus has a bad bob haircut).

Also, Pontius Pilate was really high-strung and wore extravagant clothing, and finally he threw a hissy fit at Jesus and washed his hands in a basin.

"My eyes cannot abide violence," I said, so I did not look at the violent scourgings, or the nailings.

My family also owns The Passion of the Christ on DVD, but I refuse to watch it.
And Armando says that in Mexico, the word "colina" means "small mountain" (he drew me an illustration on the order pad), so whenever he sees Kolina, he laughs and says to me, "Small mountain."

Also Armando does a very good Michael Jackson imitation, and a Cher voice, and a Madonna voice, and a general disco voice.

Whenever I pulled all-nighters last spring (for some reason I did that a lot, because I had a lot of papers to write, and they were about things I did not feel like writing about, like Wordsworth, that asshole), Tasty would always stay up with me, even though he hated the written and the printed word, and thought that it soiled the purity of the page, so he always tried to wipe off words with his paw, and it did not work.

Also he liked to sit on piles of paper, like my notes or my copy of Holy Maidenhood, because it gave him a sense of power.

Other Things That Were Beloved By Tasty:
- watching toilets flush
- avocado, or guacamole
- gravy
- watching naked women emerge from the shower, and other things as well
- hookahs

"I do not like to drink anything too hot or too cold," Mahmoud said to me the other day. "Modesty in all things is best." He was being mystical, and wise.

And Armando told me that he has slept with sixteen women in his life, but none since he got married to his wife in his late twenties. "Whoa," I said.
"Yay, it is a great and glorious victory for the Feminists," I thought. "Well it's about goddamn TIME," I added in an old-broad thought-voice.

And I think the musical Cats is really creepy.

The thing about criminals is that they always seem to drive white vans.

Once Lauren and Janine and I watched the GLAAD awards on tv, and the star of a transgendered documentary proposed to his girlfriend, and our hearts grew many sizes like the Grinch

That is all.


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