Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Hippies at Woodstock

Well, I just spent a few days tearing up the home front, and adding to my written chronicle (the widow's miraculous never-ending jar of oil--that is, my potbook #5--ran out of oil, so Elijah had to buy the widow a new jar of oil [that is, I finally ran out of pages around page 456, which was still a really great miracle on its own, so I had to buy a new notebook, and it is Volume #6 of the written chronicle]).

And I held my friend's 3-month-old mixed baby and played with her, and drank cheap champagne from the bottle (as is my custom) with The Great Magga while watching Cops and CNN and the Cartoon Network while partaking in That Which Is Most Dear To Us, and it was quite great. And also I saw the original Woodstock on tv, and all these hippies were lying on the ground while their stomachs moved like caterpillars, and then they tried to ward off the rain by the power of their thoughts, but it failed.

AND there is a new season of Flavor of Love, which is like the best and most addictive guilty pleasure ever, and Magga and I watched the first episode on Tuesday night, and this really voluptuous broad of the African-American persuasion actually shat herself in front of everyone, and it was outrageous.

Haa, I just saw a headline that said, "Reckless Mascot Overshadows Bush Debut," and I was like, "Whaaaat?" Apparently the Tennessee Titans' raccoon mascot (mascots in general are very creepy to me, because often they seem to hide deviant personalities) was careening around the field in his golfcart during half-time and tossing gifts into the crowd, when he ran over the Saints' quarterback, and he (the quarterback, not the raccoon) fell down and suffered a lot of bruises and had to be removed from the game. "Who DOES that?" I said to my brother.

And sometimes I just really love to eat grapes.

In the restroom line at the Phoenix airport, I heard this older broad say to this younger broad, "Well, you don't want to set your bag on the ground and get fecal matter on it," and I started laughing, and so did they, and we were all very jolly together, and the older broad said, "We've been traveling for too long now."

Haha, that is all.
And I am not a Christian Scientist.


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