Thursday, November 16, 2006

Cooked Chicken Legs

"Making sure our children have a quality education is a top priority," said George W. Bush in his speech last week.

"Oh, my foot," I said dismissively.

Sometimes appliances really just want to be let alone, so they can recuperate, and restore their energy, and powers. Sometimes when you think an appliance needs to be fixed (which is a drastic intervention in the life of something like a printer), it really just wants to be let alone for a while.

"I never tire of Black Sabbath," I said. In the privacy of my household, sometimes I sing along in a dire-sounding and demented Ozzy voice, and force Margery to participate with me, and even sing in her face.

"Let's gather together a harvest of GARBAGE!" I said to Margery, and we took out the trash together.

Then I tried to make her ROCK OUT with me to Queen, but she meowed at me in protest.

On a Flavor of Love clip, this broad was wearing a skintight pleather silver dress with frightening side cut-outs. "Girl, somebody is not your friend, who told you that was cute," I thought in a black-woman voice. It was also a tribute to Janine, who taught me that saying (once I was high, for I was smoking in my room for a spell, and I heard Janine say in the kitchen, "Somebody is not your friend, who told you that was cute," and I wrote it in my chronicle). And it is a good thing to say. Actually I think it a lot, like when I see certain things while walking around campus,

"You shall allow yourself to be rolled forward like a wheelchair," I said to my laundry-basket-on-wheels as I pushed it out of my room. And then I was a grim laundress.

In the olden times, laundresses were thought of as being sexually promiscuous, and people assumed they were prostitutes on the side, and abused their names a lot, and disparaged their virtue.

Well, when I ran down the stairs of my apartment, the stairwell smelled like cooked chicken legs, but then when I ran up the same stairs several minutes later they smelled like pepperoni pizza, and I was perplexed.

Haa, I went to and saw an article headline that said, "How full is your quiver?: In a new movement, Christians 'open their wombs to God'." "Oh, no!" I said, because it just sounded really frightening, and indeed it was, for it reminded me of religious home-schooled families we had known in the nineties.

Some are rabbis, and others are rabble-rousers.

Apparently manatees are very smart, and we should all respect them, and not catch them in our nets.

Sometimes Margery thinks that life is a great war, and all must take part.

And that is all.


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